Community-Based Water Resiliency (CBWR) Electronic Tool Now Available for Download

Editor’s Note:  Although this tool was designed under the water security umbrella, it can be very helpful for smaller communities to use.  It asks basic questions about a water system’s preparedness – rooted in their technical, financial, and managerial capabilities – for an emergency.  Please take a look and share with your water systems.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released the Community-Based Water Resiliency electronic tool. The CBWR electronic
tool is an easy way to assess your current resiliency to water service interruptions and learn about tools and resources to enhance resiliency
in your community. This tool was developed in collaboration with stakeholders from the community and includes over 350 resources.
The CBWR electronic tool  is available at:

Additional information on the Community-Based Water Resiliency Initiative can be found at


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