ABC Needs Input for Development of Certification Program Best Practices Document

The Association of Boards of Certification (ABC), an international organization representing environmental certification authorities, is collaborating with certification programs over the next two years for the development of a document that will serve as a resource for state regulatory agencies.

ABC, a non-profit organization, is announcing its continued efforts in the development of ABC’s Best Practices, a tool for U.S. certification programs.  “Feedback from ABC program members has shown state certification programs could benefit from a document showcasing the best practices among individual programs,” said Laurie Sharp, ABC’s Certification Council Director, who is leading the project.  Ms. Sharp shares that after conducting member surveys in 2010, the next phase of the development will include following up with programs to collect additional information.

Once developed, ABC is hopeful programs will take advantage of the document when conducting external reviews as required under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).  “Our efforts will continue for the next several years and include facilitated stakeholder meetings in each EPA region crucial for the development of a document accurately reflecting what’s happening in U.S. certification programs,” said Sharp.

She also adds a request for participation from all U.S. certification programs over the next year.  “We want to develop a useful tool for certification programs, and in order to do that, we’ll be asking those that administer certification for feedback. I can’t stress enough how valuable their input is.”

For more information about this project, please contact Jodi Jurgemeyer, Director of Communications & External Relations at ABC.  Her email is and her phone is 515.232.3623.

[Editor’s Note:  Laurie Sharp is the Iowa Drinking Water Program Operator Certification Coordinator]



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