EPA Creates New Workgroup on Partnerships

Though the topic of Restructuring (now “Water System Partnerships”) was not chosen as one of the three main workgroups coming out of the 2010 National Capacity Development and Operator Certification Workshop, there was enough interest in the topic to start a small workgroup to examine how to address challenges facing those working in this area and to determine how to support these efforts.

Water System Partnerships- Allison Watanabe (watanabe.allison@epa.gov) and Maria Lopez-Carbo (lopez-carbo.maria@epa.gov) This workgroup will focus on partnership opportunities beyond traditional restructuring practices, such as consolidation, that systems can benefit from if they lack short- or long-term capacity.  For this reason, the workgroup decided to change the name to Water System Partnerships.  This year, the workgroup will focus on raising awareness about Water System Partnerships among TA providers and state and federal agencies; identifying barriers and solutions to partnerships. The workgroup will help develop two trainings:  basic (defining Water System Partnerships and the range of partnership options) and  advanced (for those that are regularly involved in this type of work). The workgroup is currently developing best practices and stakeholder roles and responsibilities.


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