EPA Publishes New Water Loss Tool

Just a reminder…

As ASDWA reported in January, EPA’s Drinking Water Protection Division has been working to create a new publication titled Control and Mitigation of Drinking Water Losses in Distribution Systems. This new document is now available and ready for you to use!

The document focuses on how public water systems must balance the uses of resources to “…address the financial and personnel demands of economic restrictions, water availability, population and climate changes, regulatory requirements, operational costs, and public and environmental stewardship.”  Simply stated, “water is a commodity that is produced by a PWS; therefore, lost or unaccounted-for water can be equated to lost or unaccounted-for revenue.  A water loss control program can help to locate and reduce these water losses and thus maintain or increase revenue…A water loss control program will also protect public health through reduction in potential entry points of disease-causing pathogens.”  The document goes on to describe the components of a water loss program and walks through the processes for a water audit, an intervention, and evaluation.

While the document may appear overwhelming for some smaller systems, state program staff and TA providers should be able to extract useful nuggets and design components that would work well in helping smaller systems understand the economic value and public health benefit of controlling their water loss.  Other smaller systems should be able to use the document on their own.  The language is reasonably straightforward and the graphics are helpful.  States are encouraged to share this document with systems and TA providers alike, as appropriate.

The document is available for download from the EPA Small Systems “Technical Help” webpage in the section titled “Use Effective Tools to Increase Efficiency.”  The link is http://water.epa.gov/type/drink/pws/smallsystems/technical_help.cfm and the document number is EPA 816-R-10-019.



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