A Go-To Resource for Small Systems

By:  Jennifer Wilson

The internet promises new opportunities and easy access to information, but it does not come without challenges.  The rapid pace of news and technology development means that websites change often and even become outdated before the next update.  Relevant and useful information is widespread but increasingly difficult to find and often not geared towards the needs of small, rural communities. (link to seeks to tackle these challenges by offering small systems a central location to find the most comprehensive list of resources and the latest news and events.  We make it easier for operators and system managers to easily find you and the resources you offer.

The two hallmark features of the site are databases of relevant documents and upcoming events.  Our staff combs the internet (and does it again) to locate the best and most recent information from USEPA, state agencies, TA providers and other utility organizations.  Our blog is regularly updated and includes two new series for 2011:  How to Run Your Small Water Supply Like a Business, posts on asset management and sustainability, and Stuff We Love, highlights of our favorite resources and links.

This new year promises to bring exciting developments in several areas.  Workforce development is an important issue to the team.  We are currently developing a special informational area on careers as a small system operator.  The site will feature a variety of videos, links to educational guides and a brand new database of community college programs for water operations and management.  We also plan to expand the reach of our forums through webinars and planning discussions surrounding the topics.

For to continue to thrive and grow, support of state drinking water programs will be essential.  We are eager to partner with you to make sure your documents are up-to-date and that all of your training events are listed on the calendar.  We would even love if you wanted to write a guest post for our blog. The best way to keep in touch and support our efforts is to subscribe to our weekly newsletter (link to

Jennifer Wilson is the Communications and Outreach Coordinator for, where she leads the internet marketing activities and supports the site’s content development. is funded by USEPA as a project of the Midwest Technology Assistance Center at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.


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